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TDT Changes [ Thursday, 16 Jul 09 | 19:06 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
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I haven’t posted about the changes for terrestrial digital television (TDT) for several months because there haven’t been any real changes in the channels that I can receive. Although there have been some developments:

  • The old PROMO station is now called Canal Club. It’s still a shopping channel.
  • Telecinco 2 is now La Siete (The Seven). No changes in programming and “7” is also used by VEO to add to confusion.
  • Televisió de Catalunya (TVC), Catalunya’s public broadcasting network now has a high-definition station called 3HD, but I don’t have a tuner that can receive it since it is not the standard DVB.

Ruben tells me that when they recently made the changeover from analog to digital in Mataró, they accidentally turned off all of the transmitters and not just the analog ones. I actually live in the same comarca (county) as Mataró, but the antenna is directed to the broadcast tower in Barcelona (Collserola) and the front-to-back signal rejection of the building antenna is too high (meaning the signal is too low) to receive the Mataró stations.

When I visited my daughter in May, I discovered that they also have a Logitech Harmony One universal remote. So I guess great minds think alike. On the other hand, my son is still struggling with changing the old ATSC tuner that I “gifted” him with one that is at least 8 years newer.

Antenna system for the building
UHF antenna above and
omni-directional FM antenna below