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Sandía amarilla [ Wednesday, 29 Jul 09 | 18:19 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
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Yellow watermelon

Sandía amarilla/
yellow watermelon.

Sandía amarilla, yellow watermelon.

This being watermelon season, I noticed that besides the typical red-flesh ones (called “negras” here), there are also yellow-flesh watermelons. Never having tried these before, I asked the person who weighs produce what the difference is. She said that the yellow ones are sweeter.

Once I got home and ate a slice, I found that the yellow variety did seem slightly sweeter and more juicy than the “regular” red watermelon. On the other hand, it didn’t have as much “watermelon flavor” as I could remember. Also, although you could see some whitish seeds, them were not detectable in the mouth, so I would call it “seedless”. Ruben said that he preferred the “negras”.

I asked my children if have they have seen yellow watermelon in California and neither one had.

When you buy produce in big markets here in Spain you have to wear gloves when you handle the produce (very little is prepackaged). After placing it in a bag, you take it to a weighing station where the staff puts a sticker with the type of produce, weight, cost and bar-code on it. You have to do this before getting into the check-out line.


[User Picture]From: snousle
Thursday, 30 Jul 09 | 00:30 (UTC)
Yep, they have yellow watermelon here. Haven't seen it in a while though. I have reduced entire yellow watermelons to make a delicious pan sauce for seared pork chops - my own invention, and it's really good!
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