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Back in Barcelona… - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Back in Barcelona… [ Friday, 22 Jul 05 | 09:19 ]
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For the past month I was in the Bay Area in order to apply for my permanent resident visa in Spain. The rules have been changed recently and you have to apply at the consulate that has jurisdiction for your legal residence, and not in Spain as before. Since I am using my son’s place in Alameda, CA as my legal residence, the Consulado General en San Francisco has jurisdiction. Last week I went to the Consulado and gave them my stack of paperwork:

  1. Visa application form plus three photocopies.

  2. Four recent passport-size photographs (each one attached with two staples to each copy of the visa form).

  3. Three photocopies of your passport (with a validity of at least 180 days).

  4. Proof of permanent retirement income (and translation into Spanish) from an official institution (Social Security or other private source or corporation) for an amount of at least $10,000 per year, and two photocopies of each one.

  5. Proof of any other source of income and/or properties in Spain, plus two photocopies.

  6. Health certificate and translation into Spanish, plus two photocopies of each one verifying that you are in good physical and mental health, free of contagious or infectious diseases and drug addiction. These items must be specified, and this letter must be signed by a medical doctor.

  7. Police criminal record clearance verified by fingerprints, and translation into Spanish, plus two photocopies.

  8. Proof of medical insurance coverage in Spain and two photocopies.

  9. A processing fee of $100.00.

As you can imagine, it took a while to gather all of these documents. Now I get to wait several months to see if my visa application is approved. People in Spain have told me that I shouldn’t have any problem since I own property and pay taxes.

And now I am back in Barcelona and enjoying it!