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Friday Fur and El Hormiguero - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Friday Fur and El Hormiguero [ Friday, 04 Sep 09 | 20:38 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
[My Mood |awakeawake]

Flaunt your fur Friday
Here with my friends Trancas (l) and Barrancas (r).
In honor of the new season of El Hormiguero that started this week.
Flaunt your fur Friday

Some of the cast of El Hormiguero:

  • Pablo Motos - Host
  • Juan Ibáñez Pérez - Trancas
  • Damián Molla Herman - Barrancas
  • Flipy - El Científico Loco (The Mad Scientist)
  • Jandro - El Experto en Todo (The Expert in Everything)
  • Luis Piedrahita - El Rey de las Cosas Pequeñas (The King of Little Things)
  • Jorge Marrón Martín - El Maestro Empanao (The Master Dumbass)
  • El hombre de Negro - The Man in Black

I would call Flipy more of a nerd scientist than a crazy one. Think Mr. Wizard as an early teen with a predilection for fire and explosions. Sometimes Flipy is dressed as a woman and is then called “la Flipa”.

In the English version of the Wikipedia article they spell El Maestro Empanao’s surname “Marrón”. With that accent, it means something big and brown. Marron builds Rube Goldberg machines. This is called effecto mariposa in castellano. Some can be quite large in scale and elaborate. This week Adam Sandler, as a show guest, caused the effecto mariposa to fail. Fortunately he had no trouble with Flipy’s experiments.

They often have US celebrities appear as guests on the show. Apparently it’s part of some marketing tour for a new movie, album, book, etc. The guest wears an earpiece so they can hear what is going on in their native tongue. The guests regularly take part in Flipy’s experiments and otherwise exhibit their “talents”. It’s fun to watch their face when asked to choose between ¿Culo o Codo? (Ass or Elbow?) from a small photograph. After a commercial break, a larger version of the picture is shown that makes the subject obvious. The FCC would never approve.