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From Bay Area to Barcelona

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The Machinist [ Sunday, 24 Jul 05 | 11:05 ]
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While I was staying at my son’s place in Alameda, I watched a number of movies. The first one we watched was The Machinist. I noticed early on in the movie a familiar looking set of three chimneys. I said to my son, Jon, that they looked just like the ones where my electricity is generated in nearby Sant Adrià de Besòs. Sure enough, when the credits rolled, there was a thank you to the city councils for both Sant Adrià de Besòs and next-door Badalona. Sant Adrià is also where the Alcampo store is located that I buy my groceries.

When I watched part of the movie a second time, I saw tell-tale signs that it was filmed in Spain. Examples are the tile that extended from floor to ceiling in the bathroom and kitchen. There was also a scene in a garage that had the floor covered with a grey carpet so you couldn´t see that the floor was tile. They had made the film look as though it had been filmed in some west coast city in the US. I think this area of Spain has a Central California feel to it, so that was not too hard to do.

Summer weather
From mid-July to the end of August is the hottest time of the year here in Barcelona. The temperatures here are in the low 80s (27-29℃) and a bit humid, around 70%. There is nearly almost always a gentle breeze created by the land/sea interface and so far I have not felt uncomfortably warm.

One morning there were a few light sprinkles, but otherwise it has been rain-free. Spain is still enduring their worse draught since record keeping started 60 years ago. (They blame this partially on global warming.) There have been a number of wild fires too. Shades of California…

I have been out a couple of times and have run into a bunch of my new friends. They said that once I get my permanent resident visa, I should have a fiesta bigger than a birthday party to celebrate. (That’s easy as I have stopped having birthday parties for a decade!) It was great to go out and have a couple of beers and lots of tasty tapas all for 3 €! My Spanish comprehension seems to have improved while I was gone for a month too.