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Is Summer Over? - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Is Summer Over? [ Tuesday, 23 Aug 05 | 13:21 ]
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I know it’s only the end of August, but it already feels like summer is coming to a close. The days are getting shorter, about an hour and a half shorter since summer solstice. The biggest change I notice is in the morning when the sun rises nearly an hour later. The sun still sets around 8:40 p.m., so it is still light late in the evening.

Last week had several days a cloudy weather and even some rain. One day it started out cloudy, cleared mid-day, and then clouded up in the afternoon. We had a strong thundershower along with some hail, bigger than what I have seen in California. The temperature dropped 10° C in a few minutes. What was a fairly warm 26° (79° F) became a chilly 16° (61° F). I delighted in the fact that this was the first time the temperature had been under 21° (70° F) for several months. Of course it didn’t last long and daytime temperatures are back up to around 26° during the day, but comfortably cool at night.

Up in the Pyrenees they had snow above the 2.200 m (7,200 ft) level, which is rare in August.

ADSL now working!
I was in my bedroom this morning getting angry about not having my telephone or ADSL working and glanced over at the Wireless router. I was surprised to see the SYNC LED staying lit and not flashing. Could it be?

I picked up my mobile phone and called my fixed line number and the phone rang (and I could answer it!) I went into my computer room and woke my PowerBook from sleep. Back at the wireless router I noticed that all of the LEDs were green and glowing. Could it really be true!?!?!

I went back to my PowerBook and used the Safari browser to connect to the router. The status said CONNECTED. My blood was now racing... I browsed to the Apple site and it came up quickly. The next few minutes and I had tested my bandwidth--about 1.6Mbps and that is using wireless routing and not directly connected to the router.

Finally, after all this time, I have a connection to the Internet!

[User Picture]From: iberianbear
Tuesday, 23 Aug 05 | 15:43 (UTC)
you should see the same speeds connected directly to the router..
Congratulations Chuck!
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Tuesday, 23 Aug 05 | 16:13 (UTC)

ADSL speeds

Here are the actual results obtained...

San Francisco
1439 kbps download 248 kps upload
New York City
1649 kbps download 251 kps upload
Velocidad Kbps 1,648.29 Kbps
Velocidad KBytes/sec 206.04 KBytes/sec
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